Saturday, November 28, 2015

Who am I?

 I'm a guy with a passionate love for the 3DS (especially the XL). One who happens to love the 3DS as a handheld more than anything. ....Almost anything. If there is a National Streetpass Weekend, I'm there. If there is a price drop on any games I want in the eShop, I'm sold.

On my 3DS I go by my Mii's name for StreetPassing and Spotpassing events. If you ever run into a a Mii that has all the puzzle pieces and holds high records in all the Streetpass Plaza games... that is most likely me. I am an addict. An unashamed puzzle piece collecting virtual fish loving addict.

My favorite genre is... anything as long as it's exceptional. I tend to frequent traditional console RPGs more than anything and count action games as a close second.  Although it wouldn't stop me from playing pretty much anything. I like variety.

I have a small background in computer programming and writing freelance reviews. My hobbies include getting exercise, fishing, and watching good TV shows/movies.

I'm hoping to have fun with this project and spread that enjoyment to anyone I encounter along the way. Thanks for stopping by to read the writing of a humble man.

I hope you can find something you like!

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