Sunday, November 29, 2015

3DS hardware [Updated as of 12/1/2015]

If you've been a Nintendo fan as long as I have, you know they like to try reinventing their products from time to time while they still have shelf life. What you see above is a comparison between the normal 3DS(Left) and the 3DS XL(Right). While I have no experience with the original model, I can say without a doubt that the XL has served me well. In fact - I have since upgraded to a New Nintendo 3DS XL (Hyrule Edition!) and am entirely pleased with the improvement in hardware.

Here is an image:

As you can see, they have added colors to the buttons (in reference to the famicom/super famicom systems) and a much-requested second control stick for moving the camera. From personal experience I can say it works quite well but it does take some time getting used to. There is not much space around the small pad unlike the big circle pad and when you put your finger on it you may think you aren't having any input at all. Fortunately, this isn't true and when you get to experience it in-game you know your thumb is actually having an effect.

This new c-stick is especially effective in games like Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate where moving the camera is essential to gameplay. A slight movement of the camera could mean the difference between you and victory. Which is why it makes all the more sense that at the time of release it was bundled with the game to make more sales.

The design is nice and silver but very simplistic. I feel as though it could have done with some more representation of it's series although "blue dragon with a circle body" is nice too. Now, with the advent of the new 3DS, there wasn't just one bundle. You can also get the New Nintendo 3DS XL bundled with Zelda: Tri Force Heroes and even though it isn't a bundle there is even a Yoshi version of the new handheld.

I personally own the Hyrule Edition and have been loving it since I got it. There is increased performance in games - which means faster loading times - and the 3D face tracking recognition has been beyond improved. If you thought the previous XL had good 3D effects at time... just wait until you try this one. I am happy to say that this is a worthwhile investment for any Nintendo 3DS fan if you are considering upgrading or trading in your old 3DS for a new one.

Love it!

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